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At AutoSearch USA, buying a car is an enjoyable relaxed process, unlike any experience at car dealerships in Colorado Springs

RAVES for AutoSearch USA

  • “He is honest and straightforward and just tells the truth.”
  • “Got more car for my money than I could have going out on my own”
  • “Comfortable to refer friends because Ronnie doesn’t try to push people into a car”
  • “The thing about Ronnie is that there are no surprises”
  • “The process was so easy and painless”
  • “He got more for our Accord than we anticipated”
  • “He delivered the exact car we wanted for the right price”
  • “Gives suggestions on models that we hadn’t even thought about”
  • “I traded in my old vehicle for an exceptional value”
  • “Ronnie arranged financing for me”
  • “My family has purchased five or six vehicles”
  • “We were able to tell him what we wanted and he found it”
  • “Emailing me a picture of the car at work saved me a lot of time”

I learned about Ronnie and AutoSearch USA in March 2010 from a detailer at a nearby car wash. My wife and I contacted him to see if he could find us a just-released, rare-at-the-time 2011 Hyundai Sonata. We were also hoping for a good trade-in price for our 2003 Honda Accord EX. Ronnie did not disappoint! He listened carefully as we explained our needs. Within two days, he delivered the exact car we wanted for the right price, and he got more for our Accord than we anticipated. The transaction from start to finish was professional and downright pleasant. We felt no pressure to purchase a car from him – a far cry from most of our experiences with car dealerships. We love our beautiful Sonata and will think of Ronnie FIRST the next time we are in the market for either a new or used car.
Jim and Kathy Mathers 

Steve and his family love their new Ford E350 van.We have a very large family currently 14 at home with 12 kids so we needed a 15 passenger van. These are not easy to find and I tried looking for one myself, but realized based on past experience that an auto broker is the way to go. We had to get a new vehicle because an attendant at a car wash hit the gas instead of the brake, crashed into someone else took out a couple light posts. Believe it or not this totaled the van. I called Ronnie and then met with him. He was very upfront and after a lot of questions we agreed to have him find the exact vehicle we wanted in our price range. We purchased a Ford E-350 extended Van. He shipped it from out of state and had it delivered to our house in Payton.
Steve Hassoldt

Ronnie was referred to me by a coworker. He is professional, competent
and does what he said. The process was so easy and painless; I met with him in his office he asked me about the car age mileage color model, a couple days later he emails me some pictures. For 20 years I had bought all my cars from a friend who retired. I was not looking forward to dealing with a car dealership. I purchased a Subaru 2006 Outback. One of my friends I referred to Ronnie also bought a Subaru. I will definitely purchase my next car from him.
Terry Anderson

Met Ronnie through a BNI networking group and had never used a broker before. We enjoyed that he was flexible about when he would meet with us and we got to bring our kids along; didn’t have to get a babysitter. It was painless. He explained the process well and saved us time. We bought a Chrysler Town and Country Van. Whatever we got had to have a DVD player.Ronnie actually listened to what we really wanted and we were glad he is not a salesman. Ronnie didn’t sell something we didn’t need or was just on the lot. It was great that he worked within our budget and he was upfront on how his commission worked. Being Dave Ramsey fans is was important to stay on budget. No pressure at all. He is ethical and genuinely cares about people.We love referring friends because we know that they will have a great experience. This summer we had rented a Chevy Malibu and were thinking we should downsize. When we saw Ronnie he went over the numbers and explained everything and refreshed why we had bought the Van in the first place. We realized that we would not be saving as much money as we thought and that we should stay with what we have. He did not just try to sell a new car and we are very pleased.
Brooke Anthony Bachman

Used to live in Monument bought several vehicles from Ronnie and Ronnie sold several vehicles for me before I moved to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, I was trying to buy a Lincoln 2011 and MKZ Hybrid. The reason is that here on the small island of Kawai the speed limit is 50 miles an hour for the whole island. We are averaging 43 miles a gallon.

We needed to sell our Lexus before we moved to Hawaii; Ronnie helped us get our money out of it. He held the Lexus for 1 year until it was paid down enough to sell, then sold it for us, we really trust him.

Because I worked with Ronnie in the past and know him to be honest, I emailed him to see if we can do business even though I lived off the mainland. Ronnie researched how to get the car shipped to Hawaii; he put it on a truck in Colorado, shipped to CA and onto a boat to Hawaii. He also took care of the financing; he really is a one stop shop. I would definitely do business with him again even though I no longer live in Colorado.
Stan Garment

I met Ronnie of when our companies shared office suites. I owned a Mustang convertible with low mileage on it and it “looked good on me”, however it had very little legroom in the back seat and was rear wheel drive so it didn’t do well in the snow.

Ronnie advised me to keep it and, though he wanted my business, he wasn’t trying to talk me into buying a new car. Once I convinced him that I was going to trade in the Mustang anyway, he asked me “What are the important things in a car that I wanted?” I told him I wanted a sporty car that could actually have people sit in the back seat, he suggested a Toyota Solara.

I don’t buy new cars as they end up losing their value so quickly. Instead, I prefer to buy a car is two years, or more, old. What we love about buying a car through Ronnie’s organization is his service and how he follows-up on everything he promises. He is so transparent and it’s wonderful to just sign the papers and pick up your keys. He even took care of setting up the financing.

Ronnie showed us more than one car and gave us no pressure to making the decision. It is also great that he has a mechanic look at the vehicle before he even brings it to us. When we bought our Toyota, I didn’t realize it had a blown speaker. Ronnie heard it during the test drive and had it fixed before we purchased.

We moved to Vancouver, Canada and, since it rains two thirds of the time, owning a convertible just didn’t make sense. We also needed an SUV so that our dog could fit the back comfortably when the seats are down. We purchased the Lexus XR 350 SUV crossover. We are so pleased with Ronnie’s service that we have referred him to neighbors and family.
Carol O’Leary

During the time I worked for Compassion International, Ronnie held a seminar for the employees. I also knew other employees there who had bought cars from him and they told me he did a great job. I don’t care for the usual experience when dealing with car dealerships. I trusted Ronnie right away and was pleased he was not pushy at all.

He gave me great information and really helped me decide the best car that fit my budget. He found my 2009 Nissan Altima right away, it only was a couple years old. Emailing me a picture of the car at work, saved me a lot of time. I truly feel I got more car for my money than I could have going out on my own.
Vicki Alexander

We are so comfortable to refer friends because Ronnie doesn’t try to push people into a car especially if he feels they can’t afford it or it is not in their best interest. He is honest and straightforward and just tells the truth. We just don’t trust dealerships and it is refreshing to be able to call or email him tell him what you want, the color and the options and you end up getting your car a few days later. We have bought many cars from Ronnie a used Blazer, a new Honda Accord, a Saturn that Ronnie got as a trade-in from someone else, and our newest purchase a Nissan Juke. He is such a joy to work with.
Jeff & Michelle Whaley

 We keep hearing over and over again how honesty Ronnie is and how he tells things up front. Clients Ed & Sue told us it was such a pleasure to work with him and not have to work with a dealership. They bought a 2000 Lexus from an ad Ronnie posted. He had purchased the car from a previous client who had originally bought it from him. The Lexus only had 48,000 miles on it when Ed & Sue bought it, and they just love it. Ronnie also bought and sold their 1999 Saturn.
Ed Sue

We needed a car right away because our old car had been totaled. We met with Ronnie and liked how convenient it was.  That we were able to tell him what we wanted and he found it. He also gives us suggestions on models that we hadn’t even thought about. We ended up test driving three cars and purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe with 8000 miles on it because it was one of the better rated SUVs. We got the car right away it only took a week at most. We were pleased that our friend had referred us to Ronnie.
Otis McGregor

I bought a 2008 Highlander from Ronnie, it is great that you can call or email him to let him know what you want and he will find it. He does all the groundwork and research to help you get the right car. The best thing is there is no high pressure, like buy it today. This last year my daughter purchased a 1998 GMC Jimmy from him. The wonderful thing about Ronnie is he treats you the same no matter if you’re buying a 2008 Highlander or a very inexpensive 1998 GMC Jimmy. My daughter now has a baby and it makes me feel better that even though she has an older vehicle, it is a little bit bigger and safer for the winter than what she was previously driving. Also it comforts me to know that the car was in good condition because Ronnie is known for making sure the car is in tip top shape before you pick it up.
Teresa Herholz

Like many of Ronnie’s clients I consider him a friend.  I have never gone in and told him that I wanted a specific model, we just have had a conversation of who the driver’s going to be and what they need. He makes suggestions about different models and then he goes shopping.  My family has purchased five or six vehicles, including an Infinity because it is sporty and also has great gas mileage. When my daughter went off college we bought her Jeep through Ronnie. The most recent purchase was a Dodge Ram with a Hemi engine for my son-in-law. It had under 10,000 miles, was in mint condition and we got it for a great price. The thing about Ronnie is that there are no surprises. You get what you asked for. I sincerely appreciate his family values and how he treats his clients. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been in a car dealership.
Dave Keesling

Bought at 2009 Acadia in Feb 2010. Got exactly the car he wanted. Ronnie searched another state and had it shipped in. Ronnie has a lot of integrity, he tells you what’s going to happen upfront and what he says happens.
David Alvarado

We bought a Subaru 2008 in 2011. Ronnie got us the car in our price range and we were happy with. We are still happy and we still have it.
Jeffrey & Carolyn Carter

When buying an automobile, it is very rare to experience customer service of the highest standard – especially when that organization is intent on sourcing the vehicle of your choice – and not the one that they want to sell that week. AutoSearch USA’s customer service and desire to meet customer needs is unmatched. There are few companies in this world that are trustworthy with a sound ethical business ethic. AutoSearch USA is one of those few. All in all, I will definitely purchase my next auto from AutoSearch USA.
Simon W.

“I recently purchased my second vehicle from Ronnie that AutoSearch USA and can’t imagine buying any other way. I got exactly the make, model, features and color I requested at a price that keeps me smiling. All this without being bombarded by car salesman from every lot I visit. YES, car buying can be fun again and prices are truly the lowest I have seen a long time. AutoSearch USA has provided that to me. Thank you Ronnie… what a pleasure it is working with you.
Steve Bustamante

Technology and Systems Support Supervisor Compassion International

“My family has just purchased our sixth vehicle through Ronnie Haskins and AutoSearch USA. Few people enjoy the traditional car buying experience, going from lot to lot in search for the right car at a good price and having to deal with high pressure sales people along the way.

Ronnie makes the car buying experience easy. He’s worked hard for us over the years and we’ve never been disappointed with the vehicles he’s delivered. He’s always been fair and honest.  I recommend Ronnie and his services without hesitation.  In fact, he is working on securing our seventh vehicle right now for our youngest daughter.”
Jack Wilson

“AutoSearch USA found the perfect car for me. At first I did not know what to buy. Ronnie showed me an array of options that fit my driving needs, and did not exceed my budget. I ended up buying the car of my dreams! I didn’t think I could afford it but I was wrong. Ronnie arranged financing for me, and I traded in my old vehicle for an exceptional value! I am so satisfied with the entire process. Thank you AutoSearch USA, and thank you Ronnie.”
Jay Boykin

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